Graduate Profiles

Find out more about our graduates, some are recent additions to the SRA workforce, some have been with us for a while, all are valued members of our team.

Bianca Chapman

University: University of South Australia

Degree: Bachelor of Business (Management Information Systems)

Bianca joined SRA as a Graduate in 2001 and now works for SRA in Adelaide as a Business Analyst/Consultant.

"Since my first day I’ve been given great opportunities to advance my career. I have also been given the opportunity to work in other locations.  I transferred to the Darwin office for 3 years, before returning to Adelaide.

I have been involved in a vast array of projects, both large and small, using many different technologies. Each project brings new and exciting challenges, not only technically but also socially, working with many different clients from the Government and private sectors. The opportunity to work and understand different industries is what makes a career at SRA so exciting.

I feel that I have made a difference, helping make peoples' day to day lives a little bit easier through our custom built applications.

SRA has a team of great people which makes coming to work fun and enjoyable. Every day seems to bring something new."

Huang Ye Chow (Terrance)

University: Charles Darwin University

Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology

I joined SRA as a Graduate in 2009 and I now work for SRA in Darwin as a Graduate Consultant.

My role’s is a .NET developer. Since my first day I’ve been given great opportunities to start building a great career, it was a fresh experience for me out of university.

In one year, I’ve learned various efficient application development skills and crucial communication skills that are required to work as a team with co-workers.

I have worked for clients ranging from government, private and not for profit sectors. I have improved my time management skills in dealing with both large and small projects using different technologies to maximize efficiency and provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.

I’m learning how to adapt to different situations and personalities. It’s a great skill to have, as it makes me more confident to try new experiences, not just at work but in life as well.

SRA has a broad range of people employed that are interesting and fun.  The opportunity to work in different industries and with people I admire is what makes a career at SRA so exciting and dynamic.  I can do this and achieve a work life balance.

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