DMP EARS Available To The Public

The Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) undertakes a wide range of activities concerned with managing exploration, development and closure of mining activities in WA.

The department oversees assessment applications and the audit of proponent activities to ensure compliance with environmental and enforcement of other applicable regulations. DMP sought to implement a customised system that would cover all aspects of the processing, assessment and management of applications for exploration, development and closure of mining activities in WA.

SRA provided a web-based application which incorporated a single generic system for processing and reporting on all environment approvals, permits and regulatory activities undertaken by DMP.The system features workflow processes for recording of all assessment related information within the system, including all material provided with the application, scanned images, photographs, the assessment report and associated assessment decisions to provide an auditable and transferable (between staff) process.

The development of EARS resulted in a more functionally rich user interface. In addition the system improved enquiry facilities to allow the searching of specific information across both textual and other information sources. Multiple output formats were also available and included CSV, Word and PDF formats for both internal and external users.