SRA Presents @ Oracle Open World, March 2011

SRA will be attending and exhibiting at the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) State Conference on 28 March 2011 in Adelaide. SRA's Custom Solutions Sales Manager, Kevin Wohling, will present a case study of a truly agile Adelaide software project that has delivered beyond expectations and within a very tight budget. His talk, 'Agile Development Lifecycles - Software Projects Involve Much More Than Chicken and Pigs', will include an open discussion on what Agile actually achieves in the real world. Kevin will consider what practices made this software development truly effective and how those practices impacted on the entire project.

Kevin designed and implemented an Agile methodology for Cooperative Bulk Handling in Perth in 2001, resulting in the delivery of a ten year project within three years. He went on to customise and implement Agile lifecycles for companies like Nike in Europe and has presented on the subject at conferences in Europe and the USA.

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