Successfully Delivering Regulatory Pollutant Reporting for BMA Coal

As with all large resources companies, BMA Coal must determine its impact on the environment by developing a comprehensive pollutant emissions inventory for internal and regulatory reporting schemes such as the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI). This exercise consumes valuable company resources due to the complexity and disparity of data required to develop such an inventory. Utilising its skills and experience in environmental data management services, combined with its award-winning EnviroSys product, SRA delivered BMA Coal’s NPI inventory for the 2010-11 financial year enabling its client to focus on day to day management of the environment rather than spend valuable time collating and verifying data.

Other benefits associated with this approach adopted by BMA include improved management of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, simplified reporting to NGER, comprehensive sustainability reporting and future-proofing for imminent government schemes to address climate change, such as the proposed Carbon Tax.

For an in-depth discussion on the proposed Carbon Tax and its impact on companies required to report, see THE AUSTRALIAN CARBON TAX