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Environmental Data Management:


An SRA Information Technology White Paper

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"If the data you need still exists;
If you found the data you need;
If you understand the data you found;
If you trust the data you understand;
If you can use the data you trust;
Someone did a good job of data management."

Rex Sanders - USGS-Santa Cruz

Topics within this white paper include:

  • Environmental Data
  • Challenges with Environmental data
  • Automation and Accessibility
  • Standardisation and Accounting
  • Why has standardisation of environmental data lagged?
  • Interoperability
  • Public Disclosure
  • Conclusion
  • Selected Useful Website Links


About the Author:

Jamie Gerrard is a Senior Environmental Consultant with SRA Information Technology.  Jamie developed an appreciation for good data management practices early in his career while working for Hill 50 Gold, where he spent many days searching waste dump faces for pit trap locations with a metal detector.  This was required to replicate a fauna monitoring program where, luckily, the fly wire was detectable, but accurate recording of coordinates and projection in the first instance would have been preferred.  Ensuring data capture will enable effective knowledge development and decision making has been a constant theme in Jamie’s twenty year career within mining and consulting businesses.

Download the entire white paper here:

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