DoE use EnviroSys to monitor the Murray-Darling Basin

Department of the Environment


The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) is part of the federal Department of the Environment (DoE).

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder is responsible for government policies and programs that seek to protect and restore environmental assets – rivers, floodplains and wetlands – that contain a wide diversity of life and provide habitat for native animals and plants.

The Water Holder, supported by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, manages the Commonwealth’s environmental water portfolio, research projects that inform approaches to aquatic ecosystems and environmental watering policy, and major projects to improve water quality and the ecological health of iconic wetland assets in the Murray Darling Basin.

The Office is also the administrative authority within Australia for the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.


The Department of the Environment had a requirement to establish long-term arrangements for intervention monitoring at seven Selected Areas within the Murray-Darling Basin from 2014-15.

The main objectives of the project were to:

• Monitor the ecological response to Commonwealth environmental watering at each Selected Area

• Evaluate ecological outcomes of Commonwealth environmental watering at each Selected Area

• Evaluate the contribution of Commonwealth environmental watering to the objectives of the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Environmental Watering Plan

• Infer ecological outcomes of Commonwealth environmental watering in areas of the Murray- Darling Basin not monitored

• Support the adaptive management of Commonwealth environmental water

CEWO (within DoE) were charged with above project, and the task to monitor the health of the Murray Darling Basin to assess the impact of water management activity over a 5 year term.

DoE needed a system to capture, manage and report on all data relevant for this project.

Our Solution

DoE chose to implement SRA’s EnviroSysTM solution to assist with the monitoring of the Murray-Darling Basin.

The data collected within EnviroSysTM has enabled DoE to provide both a local, and a basin-scale perspective on the outcomes associated with the use of the environmental water. 

The data collected by EnviroSysTM is loaded from seven different providers, contracted specifically for this project. These providers can access the data in EnviroSysTM securely from outside the DoE network.

They can also upload data files to the system, in a mandated format, using a user friendly web upload screen developed specifically for DoE as part of the implementation.

The broad range of environmental data being collected by EnviroSysTM to monitor the health of the basin includes:

  • Tree stand conditionDoE Murray Darling Picture
  • Waterbird diversity
  • Waterbird breeding
  • Vegetation diversity
  • Stream metabolism
  • Water quality
  • Hydrology: wetland
  • Hydrology: channel
  • Hydrology: connectivity
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • Fish
  • Fish movement
  • Ecosystem type

EnviroSysTM includes data quality features; data loaded by 3rd parties is subject to validation rules and any non-compliant data is flagged and reported automatically.

Data submitters and administrators are automatically notified by email of load status as well as any errors or non-compliant data.

EnviroSysTM also allows DoE to mark samples with a Quality Code which indicates the data’s preliminary or final nature, therefore flagging it as suitable or not for public release outside of the system.

Data output options for DoE include numerous reports where data can be interrogated ad-hoc or through regular automated reports and the ability to create data extracts for 3rd parties (i.e. the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, who is responsible for collating and analysing some of the raw data), dashboards and more.

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