Managing WA’s Mineral Wealth

The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) is the State’s lead agency in attracting private investment in resources exploration and development by providing geoscientific information on minerals and energy resources.  DMP also manages equitable and secure titles systems for the mining, petroleum and geothermal industries.

It also carries prime responsibility for regulating these extractive industries and dangerous goods in Western Australia, including the collection of royalties, and ensuring that safety, health and environmental standards are consistent with relevant State and Commonwealth legislation, regulations and policies.

The Department sought to update its minerals information system (MINEDEX),  which contained comprehensive data about Western Australia’s mining operations. The MINEDEX database is unique in its extensive and authoritative State-wide coverage of mine sites and deposits, their coordinates, operational status, and compilation of mineral resource estimates. Both open-file and confidential data are maintained within the system, but only the open-file portions are available to the public.

SRA was awarded the project to redevelop MINEDEX after an open tender selection process.

Meeting The Challenge >>

SRA redeveloped the existing system to overcome technology obsolescence issues, data storage limitations and other functional restrictions. SRA developed a web based application for processing, accessing and reporting on all minerals information held by MINEDEX,  interfacing with other information systems as needed so as to maintain the overall business capability of the department and providing an external user interface for the industry to access MINEDEX data.

The redevelopment also introduced additional functionality to store more complex data (spatial, photos, documents) and to provide interfaces to a planned new spatial system development and a new corporate web based client front end.

The new MINEDEX system needed to cater for a variety of different types of data including image, text, spatial and numeric information. The system also needed to be able to manage complex query and reporting requirements in large databases.

The project was undertaken in two phases. The first phase involved the development of user requirements and detailed design documents. The second stage covered the development and implementation of the system as defined in the design documentation.

Outstanding Features >>

Some of the features are provided by MINEDEX are

  • A web browser front end consistent with existing DMP browser-based systems
  • Access for external customers via MINEDEX Online
  • The ability to generate mineral production statistics
  • The ability to calculate and store pre-mining resources
  • The ability to drill down from the spatial system into MINEDEX PLUS via a spatial based query


In addition the system improves enquiry facilities to allow the searching of specific information across both textual and spatial information sources. Multiple output formats were also available and included CSV, word and PDF formats for both internal and external users.

A Spatial Toolbar was developed to link spatial data with the textual data in the Minedex application. The toolbar allowed users to create point, line or polygon features to associate geological deposits and site locations.

An additional request by the DMP resulted in SRA translating Minedex into two new languages: Chinese and Japanese.  

Comprehensive Benefits >>

MINEDEX is a continuously updated database containing information on mines, mineral deposits and prospects, with information on:

  • Projects and Project Ownership
  • Sites
  • Location Data
  • Commodities and Commodity Groups
  • Mineral Resource Estimates
  • Mineral Production
  • Mineralization Attributes
  • Mining Proposals for Development
  • Mine Operators and Contact Addresses
  • Inventory of Abandoned Mine Sites


The system greatly improves enquiry facilities to allow the searching of specific information across both textual and spatial information sources.  It provides information on mining activities to a range of internal and external users with comprehensive query and reporting functionality.

Leading Edge Technology >>

The solution was developed using the following technologies:

  • Oracle JDeveloper 10g
  • SQL Server Enterprise
  • ArcGIS  and ArcSDE
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • ESRI Arc Objects
  • Ant
  • Websphere
  • SQL Server

Further Information >>

The solution can be viewed at


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