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Zero Waste SA LogoZero Waste South Australia was formed in 2003 to provide strategic policy advice, direction to government and stakeholders, and funding for programs and projects that maximise waste reduction and promote recycling and ecological sustainability.

The objective is to promote waste management practices that, as far as possible, eliminate waste or its consignment to landfill, advance the development of resource recovery and recycling, and are based on an integrated strategy for the State.

Zero Waste SA is also providing assistance to local councils with arrangements for regional waste management, contributing to the development of waste management infrastructure and advising the Minister on measures to improve waste management in South Australia. Zero Waste SA has invested heavily in monitoring recycling performance across the state. It continuously collects data via annual surveys of recycling activities, audits of landfills, transfer stations, materials recovery facilities, and public and private sector specific perceptions in waste, recycling, and consumption. This landfill audit and other waste generation and disposal information assists in identifying industry sectors and specific companies where opportunities and initiatives for waste avoidance, reduction, reuse and recycling exist.

Meeting the Challenge >>

Zero Waste SA previously did not have a system in place to electronically capture all of its data such as audits, council returns on kerbside collections, illegal dumping, etc. Data arrives in the form of consultant reports or client completed performance report questionnaires, or is stored in data management systems of other organisations such as the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Providing timely reports and trend analysis was difficult without a centralised repository of this data, accompanied by adequate reporting tools. It was proposed that a solution be implemented to:

  • centralise the data collected
  • analyse and report on the collected data
  • provide Zero Waste SA staff and their clients with an electronic means of entering the data directly, or via file upload from a PDA (hand-held device)


The implemented solution would further aid waste Knowledge Management and deliver consistent project practices within the organisation, resulting in accurate status reporting and optimal resource utilisation.

After an extensive search to locate the best solution available, ZWSA chose to implement SRA Information Technology’s web-enabled environmental data management system, EnviroSystm. The implemented waste management solution follows the waste lifecycle from the point of generation to collection, transfer, treatment, disposal and waste reduction and diversion practices. The working solution, renamed ZEUS, is an outcome from the collaboration of State and local government, driving a new strategy for waste avoidance and reduction, waste reuse and recycling, and waste disposal.

Outstanding Features >>

Waste Data Capture

  • Kerbside Waste
  • Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D)
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste (C&I)
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Illegally Dumped Waste
  • Landfills
  • Litter


Analysis and Workflow

  • Baseline or benchmark data
  • Automated Email / SMS alerts
  • Data quality/Confidence indicators
  • Automated data loads and validation
  • GIS modeling e.g., dumping hotspots
  • Auditable data correction
  • Ad-hoc data entry
  • Advanced data query
  • Data export e.g., Excel spreadsheets


Internal and External Reporting

  • User-defined reports and dashboards
  • Waste Strategy KPI Reports
  • Zero Waste Reporting
  • Annual Reporting
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Operational Information
  • Baseline Costs and Projections


Comprehensive Benefits >>

  • Centralised waste information with ease of access to data
  • ZWSA has increased confidence in their data
  • Clarity in assessing targeted achievements in waste management strategies
  • The solution now provides ZWSA with advanced status reporting capabilities
  • ZWSA has optimised resource allocation due to better Knowledge Management


Leading Edge Technology >>

SRA Information Technology develops and supports the award-winning EnviroSystm solution. EnviroSystm is an enterprise-wide application which offers users a configurable platform to collate, analyse, present and report environmental based information. It operates on a proactive basis by polling, auto loading and validating data. The web-based solution offers accessibility anywhere, anytime and is adaptable to new monitoring requirements. In addition to this, EnviroSystm provides for real-time analysis, dash boarding, scheduled reporting capabilities, integration of spatial and temporal data sets and informs when events are triggered. EnviroSystm solutions are configured ‘out of the box’ to cater for requirements in a variety of sectors including; mining, oil, gas, ports, pollutants, emissions, NPI reporting, NGER, energy, water, biodiversity, waste and all levels of government.

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