Supporting Hearing Health Information

SRA Information Technology was contracted by the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families (DHF): Hearing Health Services Division to provide business analysis in order to provide a Functional Requirement Specification.

The purpose of the document was to support the new Hearing Health Information Management System (HHIMS), enabling quotations and proposals from suppliers for the design and development stage of the application.

HHIMS Overview

As shown, the Hearing Health Services Division resides in the Secondary Healthcare category and thus has various interactions with Primary and Tertiary healthcare providers in terms of sharing and exchanging information.

Meeting The Challenge >>

Due to the complex nature of the project, spanning across primary-, secondary- and tertiary healthcare, the project entailed a variety of aspects, including:

  • Strategic and tactical workshops;
  • Analysing, proposing and substantiating a variety of possible scenarios to the Department’s ICT group;
  • Having a look at a variety of external hardware i.e. Otoscope and their electronic interface viability;
  • Business and Systems Analysis.

The diagram presents the complex nature of the various external entities, actors and role players throughout the HHIMS “value-chain”, pertaining to information sharing for patients.

HHIMS Value Chain

Comprehensive Benefits >>

Facilitated by the unique techniques applied by SRA to overcome various challenges, we were able to design and document a solution to achieve the following client objectives:

  • Provide an electronic repository for NT DHF hearing healthcare data to facilitate efficient, strategic and coordinated service delivery of otitis media clinical care, audiological services and other hearing healthcare services;

HHIMS Solution

  • Assist primary health to make better diagnosis of ear disease in individual clients presenting to the clinic. HHIMS provides real time feedback and context relevant information based on CARPA to assist the health practitioner to gather information and make clinical decisions, and implement best practice treatments;
  • Assist in the aggregation of multiple sources of clinical data and communication / education impact data (primary health, ENT specialist consults, audiology assessment, speech pathology  assessment, ENT surgery, education assistance, hearing aids, classroom amplification, speech & pathology therapy) relevant to best practice management of chronic ear disease and hearing loss;
  • Provide care plans and disseminate relevant, current, and integrated information and recommendations to the family, the school, and all professions involved in the ongoing management of the child.

Leading Edge Technology >>

The specification (solution) was based on a .Net, web based application with a SQL*Server database. This technology was selected due to its configurability benefits which will facilitate future interfacing and sharing of health information with various other systems and health organisations.

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