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One21seventyIndigenous primary health care centres and providers are on the front-line in efforts to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

One21seventy is a not-for-profit entity administered through the Menzies School of Health Research (Menzies), one of Australia’s leading research institutes in Aboriginal health. Their mission is to foster high-quality primary health care and better health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia through a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) model.

In addition to providing training and support for primary health care centres and providers, One21seventy also provides evidence-based practical tools and processes that help primary health care providers to do continuous quality improvement, including clinical audit tools. These tools are developed, maintained, supported and enhanced by SRA Information Technology.

Originally, One21seventy grew out of the successful Audit and Best Practice in Chronic Disease (ABCD) research project, whose website SRA rebuilt and enhanced. ABCD consisted of a user friendly Content Management System and incorporated six essential tools so that data could be better accessed, managed and shared.

Meeting The Challenge >>

To manage the large amounts of disparate data collected by One21seventy, SRA undertook the development of specialised tools that allowed for the input and management of the data and the generation of statistical reports with graphical capabilities. A key requirement was for a good data validation system to ensure data integrity and to automate data insertion.

The tools include:

  • Clinical audit tools
  • Organisational systems assessment tools
  • Health centre and community surveys
  • A web-based data system for entering and analysing data and producing reports


The system also includes a dashboard, discussion board, FAQs and content and knowledge management systems.

Outstanding Features >>

Through the various dashboards and management systems, staff can better share and communicate information. Each tool consists of data entry functionality and a number of reports that facilitate the analysis of system data.

The content management system enables Menzies staff to maintain other project-related information on the website such as supporting documents, discussion boards and newsletters.

The One21seventy web-site brings together all the different parts of the One21seventy cycle. It provides:

  • access to audit tools, the web-based information system for data input, immediate data analysis and reporting, and access to training resources;
  • data input for HCCS data, systems assessment data, audit data and health centre goals, and reporting functions;
  • reports, such as cross-health centre/jurisdiction comparisons for those health centres consenting to participate in pooled and de-identified data analyses and trends over time; and
  • access to a range of other resources, including documents and links to the evidence base underlying the audit tools.

Comprehensive Benefits >>

With the functionalities that have been developed, One21seventy staff are able to do meaningful data analysis, which was problematic prior to the system being developed.

The clinical audit tools reflect best practice and allow health centres to collect the data they need for reporting against jurisdictional key performance indicators. These tools are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that they reflect current best practice and that their performance is upgraded.

Each audit tool has an accompanying protocol, which provides both a detailed step-by-step guide to the use of the tool and a guide to the evidence base for the tool. One21seventy convenes a working group to develop and review each audit tool and its associated protocol.

Leading Edge Technology >>

The application is based on Microsoft.NET and SQL Server technologies, specifically ASP.NET and ADO.NET. Users access the system via their web browser. Presentation style is implemented using ASP.NET Themes, Skins and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). JavaScript is also used to enhance the user interface.

Further Information >>

Find out more about the program at One21seventy website.

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