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NEA LogoThe Meteorological Services Division (MSD) is a division under the National Environment Agency (NEA) within the Singapore Government.  The Agency provides various weather information and forecasts in support of Singapore’s needs. This includes providing relevant information to the aviation and marine sectors, as well as the general public.

Meeting the Challenge >>

MSD planned to significantly increase the capacity of its On-line Weather Monitoring Network from approximately 6 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) to 64 in 2009. This would involve the acquisition and installation of the new AWS and enhancement of the associated communications network. The solution needed the ability to collate the vast amounts of data and report on this data in a timely fashion. The solution also needed to meet ‘high availability’ requirements. To achieve this goal, MSD engaged Information Technology firm NCS, to manage and implement the project in partnership with Vaisala who would provide the new Automated Weather Stations. SRA Information Technology was required to implement its EnviroSystm solution that would collate and report the data to be received from the new AWS network. Data from EnviroSystm would also be provided to the MSD public website.

Outstanding Features >>

The weather solution receives raw data at one minute intervals from the network of automated weather stations which are connected via wireless telemetry. The system therefore requires significant processing power and currently holds over one billion sample records.

The solution provides measurement for:

Rainfall – 1 minute data

Wind – 1 minute data

Temperature (Dry Bulb, Dew Point, Wet Bulb) Relative Humidity – 1 minute data

Radiation (Net, Global, Diffuse) (UVB, Total UV, Broadband UV, UV Index) – 1 minute data

Pressure – 1 minute data

Evaporation – Hourly data

Ceilometer Data (cloud height measurement) – 1 minute data

Soil Temperature – 10 minute data

Sunshine – 30 minute data

Visibility – 10 minute data

AWS Status Information – Hourly status data unless there is a problem, then 1 minute status data

Raw data from each monitoring aspect undergoes various calculations and aggregations once it is automatically pulled into the system from the weather stations. This data processing generates information that is useful to numerous users of the system. Specific weather related information is made available through the solution’s comprehensive reporting capabilities. The EnviroSystm solution also has the ability to provision data for the NEA’s public weather website.

As a part of this weather solution, SRA implemented new functionality by way of a weather module. This included:

  • An Operational Monitor - a tailored dashboard with key alerts, indicators, wind rose and charts.
  • A Weather Viewer to spatially visualize weather data such as rain, wind, pressure, temperature etc., with multiple layers and animation cycles.
  • An interface to load the data from the AWS and manage this process.


In addition to the Operational Monitor alerts, notification of exceedances are sent via Email, SMS and facsimile.

The MSD requested that the solution have high availability or ‘up-time’. SRA employed a failover clustering scenario in meeting with the client’s requirement.

Regular automated data extracts are scheduled for input into other weather modelling tools utilised by the MSD.

The weather solution was integrated with Golden Software’s Surfer, allowing the MSD to generate contour, vector, image, post and various 3D maps by using the data stored in EnviroSystm.

Comprehensive Benefits >>

The Operational Monitor allows operational staff to effectively monitor the AWS network and to respond to alerts in real time.

Visualisation of data is very important for weather analysis. The Weather Viewer functionality allows the MSD to analyse multiple weather aspects via animation and mapping of data through this visual medium.

The MSD relies heavily on the latest weather data. The high availability scenario of this solution ensures that the risk, of up-to-date data being unavailable to users, is reduced. The failover clustering provides the maximum ‘up-time’ of the system and availability of data.

Leading Edge Technology >>

SRA Information Technology develops and supports the award-winning EnviroSystm solution. EnviroSystm is an enterprise-wide application which offers users a configurable platform to collate, analyse, present and report environmental based information. It operates on a proactive basis by polling, auto loading and validating data. The web-based solution offers accessibility anywhere, anytime and is adaptable to new monitoring requirements. In addition to this, EnviroSystm provides for real-time analysis, dash boarding, scheduled reporting capabilities, integration of spatial and temporal data sets and informs when events are triggered. EnviroSystm solutions are configured ‘out of the box’ to cater for requirements in a variety of sectors including; mining, oil, gas, ports, pollutants, emissions, NPI reporting, NGER, energy, water, biodiversity, waste and all levels of government.

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