Compliance & Approvals

State and Federal Governments throughout Australia develop and manage regulatory environments in many areas of commercial and community activity. Without the efficiency of well designed IT systems, these management activities would be cumbersome and frustrating to all concerned parties, both within the Government and on the client side.

The advent of public web based applications allows much more immediate and efficient interactions between regulators and clients to take place. People are able to quickly undertake a number of helpful tasks, such as:

  • Input submissions from anywhere and track their status at any time
  • Query existing approvals (where the information is public) any time
  • Be informed of any relevant changes to process or regulation immediately
  • Access the information required to make a submission for an approval


On the regulator’s side, submissions from clients can be processed through defined but flexible workflows, and quickly, without risk of data loss. Reports can easily be generated which show the big picture trends and can forecast any future issues.

At SRA Information Technology, we are leading the way with public facing compliance and approvals systems in areas such as environmental approvals, product registrations and ratings systems and exploration licensing.

One of our recent successes is the Environmental Assessment and Regulatory System (EARS Online) for the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (see

Our staff are experts in the application of business logic to approvals and compliance processes.

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