EnviroSys Overview

Is a scalable enterprise level software solution for environmental monitoring and data management

Integrates all data and monitoring programs into the one location

Enables an organisation or project to monitor and report on individual environmental aspects or across its entire environmental portfolio

Is secure, fast, easy to use and web enabled, requiring only a web browser

Is spatially enabled – users can drill down to points of interest via an interactive map

Integrates and shares data with other corporate systems

EnviroSys Functionality Overview

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Main Control Panel


EnviroSys Control Panel

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Enter Data

Automated dataloading

  • flexible templates to cater for all file layouts
  • easy access to review all files loaded

Direct data entry via forms

  • create your own forms to enter data from within EnviroSys
  • mEnviroSys PDA application is also available to sync field data entry forms

Emailed forms

  • enter data without logging into the system
  • schedule input from your employees or 3rd parties, e.g. testing laboratories

Emailed files

  • attach and email EnviroSys files from remote locations

Direct creation of Samples and Results

  • ad hoc data entry is catered for

Locate Data

Use the Locator to find and manage your data

  • directly filter your data by Program, Data Type, Site or Sample Point
  • display data in a timeline: choose to filter by week, month, quarter, bi-annually, annually or set your own custom dates
  • distinguish exceedances from compliant data in one pass
  • drill down to raw sample and results data easily
  • change results and assign comments: display the full audit history record
  • spatially view the sample point where the results were recorded on a map
  • graph your data, display a trend and review the trend forecast
  • create a data table of query results
  • export results, tables, graphs and the summary to a spreadsheet
  • copy and paste graphs into your corporate reports
  • view thumbnails of images associated with a Sample Point
  • download files attached to samples


Use esysGIS to interact with your data on a map

  • navigate your data spatially via esysGIS or integrate your corporate GIS system
  • familiar functionality via Google map interfacing

Realtime Viewer

Use Realtime for an instant up-to-date overview of your environmental monitoring

  • a professional tool to showcase and bring your data to life
  • use your own map layers and/or ortho photos
  • select to view single or multiple Programs e.g. Weather, Dust, Creeks and Dams
  • detect data loading issues instantly with coloured indicators to show data currency


Use the Reporting tool to extract your data

  • a complete suite of standard reports are available ‘out-of-box’
  • build your own custom report within minutes
  • use the Report Building Wizard to control the layout and formatting styles
  • choose what guidelines and test method min/max values to display
  • include a mix of graphs and data tables within the one report
  • choose your format: XLS, PDF or Word
  • email reports directly to your account
  • schedule reports to be automatically emailed, FTP, SFTP, or copied to a specific folder at a time of your choosing
  • schedule an email and/or SMS to be sent with a URL of the report to a distribution group
  • review the scheduled report history


Communicate to management through the Sustainability Reporting functionality

  • report on sustainability initiatives across your operations
  • flexibility to include any number of aspects, e.g. water, waste, energy consumption
  • chose to display results in a variety of ways, e.g. traffic lights, graphs, tachometers, thermometers


Use the Dashboards to view your current and historical data

  • a complete suite of graph types are available ‘out-of-box’
  • visually track your performance with target indicators
  • build your own custom dashboard within minutes
  • use the Dashboard Wizard to control the layout and formatting styles
  • choose what guidelines and test method min/max values to display
  • include a mix of graphs and data tables within the one dashboard
  • control access to data by creating dashboard security groups


Use Compliance to manage your Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Pollutants

  • caters for NGER and NPI reporting
  • setup Compliance to report on your operations or organisation as a whole
  • use the Compliance Wizard to select the Industry sectors you wish to report against
  • use data imported into EnviroSys or enter data directly into the Compliance module
  • produce reports against a financial year and export to PDF, Word or Excel
  • review comparisons of results between each financial year

My Work

Use the My Work workflow functionality to track your tasks

  • manage devices (including calibration tasks), guidelines, program monitoring, scheduled reports and test method workflow
  • manage tasks for your team
  • assign, escalate and re-assign tasks
  • review task history
  • assign tasks to proxy users if your staff are on leave
  • email notification of workbasket tasks for all users

Data Visualiser

Use the Data Visualiser to display your data through a visual medium

  • use your own base map layers
  • use one or two data layers to overlay coloured areas and points
  • review one Data Type layer in relation to another
  • review current and/or historical data: or select a custom date range for each layer
  • setup an animation to review data in a series

System Administration

Use Memory and Logs to review your system

  • review all system logs from within EnviroSys: reduce IT administration time

Use the Engine Console to manage EnviroSys Services

  • manage services without logging into a server: save time and money

View User Activity to graph EnviroSys usage

  • review user activity by user or site

Use the Data Summariser to extract bulk data

  • graph and export results


What are the benefits of an EnviroSys Solution?

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