Manage Mining Environments

Mining Coal Ships

The global mining industry is seeing unprecedented growth through the utilisation of advancing technology and improvements in processing techniques. However this increase in mining activity is placing a greater burden on our natural environment.

The need to minimise the impact to the environment and for sustainable development within the mining industry is driving companies to seek out environmental experts with knowledge and experience within this field.

Whether your company is mining Australia or overseas; copper, gold, iron ore, uranium or any other of the various mined resources, there are undoubtedly numerous commonalities between your businesses. The need to monitor and manage the environmental aspects and consequent impacts of your operations is one such example.

It goes without saying that to effectively manage the environment around you, it must be accurately monitored. In order to comply with external regulatory pressures and internal environmental management systems you need access to timely and robust information.

This type of information comes as a result of having a good environmental monitoring regime that will provide you with the data that you need, when you need it.

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