4D Methodology

Our modern methodology provides the assurance of total control over both objective and budget whilst delivering outstanding productivity and quality.  The SRA  '4D Methodology' gives you a deep understanding of the factors influencing the success of your project.

4D Methodology

From the very outset, your project will be managed totally transparently and with a constant vigilance on improving outcomes and reducing cost.   Our entire project delivery life-cycle is aggressively designed to exceed your expectations at all times and in all areas of accountability.

We will openly discuss with you the best available ways to achieve your project goals at every stage of your project. You will be invited to contribute to activities such as Value Creation, Risk Mitigation and Opportunity Realisation that can directly reduce cost and improve the delivered product.

The Life Cycle Diagram depicts the Methodology in a linear fashion whereas in practice many of the phases may be performed in a cyclical manner.

The Life Cycle Diagram is intended to indicate sequence and timing of phases but not duration. The duration of a specific project is determined by the scope and size, and the needs of the client.

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