Project Management

SRA’s reputation is based on Innovation, Experience and Methodology and we constantly strive to demonstrate our advantage in each.  SRA adopts a very structured approach to managing projects. Our objective is not only to ensure you will want to work with us again but that your enthusiasm will spread to others

Some of the key aspects of our Project Management Methodology include:

  • Project Execution Plan - this sets out how we intend to complete the project, including an outline of timelines and resources. The execution plan is critical to successfully completing the project on time and on budget;
  • Regular Status Reporting - the interaction between the client and the contractor is critical. Regular status reporting keeps the client involved in the whole process and allows them to keep control. This also allows a proactive approach to problem solving;
  • Issue Resolution Procedures - SRA has established a series of issue resolution procedures aimed at improving customer relations. From time to time problems will arise beyond everyone's control and need to be appropriately addressed to avoid delays and disruptions;
  • Change Control Procedures - in order to protect client costs, SRA has a set of procedures to control any variation to the originally contracted work. Part of this process is ensuring that the client is aware of all the issues associated to any requested changes;
  • Risk Management Procedures - these address any issues associated to the project's continuity;
  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction - at the end of projects SRA actively seeks feedback on the work it has completed and conducts post-implementation reviews.

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