Spatial Gives Data Another Dimension

Spatial solutions offer an entirely different way to view large volumes of information in a spatial context.  SRA develops spatial solutions by integrating all manner of information and presenting it in a spatial context.

SRA has been working with spatial software for many years but it is only relatively recently that the ability to view information overlaid on maps, on satellite images and in three dimensions has become realistic for many organisations.  Computer users all over the world have become familiar with online mapping so it is now both very cost effective and also realistic to present company information through sophisticated interfaces.

Spatial solutions are no longer the exclusive domain of large corporations with large budgets.  Our experience with technologies such as ESRI over the years is now complimented by the ability to quickly create relatively affordable solutions using online technologies such as Google Earth, Bing Maps and others.

SRA offers design, development and consulting services within the spatial software domain,

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